BTV, half a century of steady growth inside and outside Spain

This family business founded in 1962 in Zaragoza currently has branches in Mexico and China.


The Zaragoza company BTV, founded in 1962, started off in a 300 m2 workshop with just three employees engaged in the production of metal hardware for construction and the manufacture of letterboxes. Its founder, Jesús Villaverde, was quick to see the advantages of focusing on the customer and offering a wide range of products as well as the benefits of creating a comprehensive technical service network. This personalized attention and technological expertise consolidated the company as the leading manufacturer of letterboxes in Spain.

During the eighties BTV decided to implement a policy of product diversification, achieving great success in the up-and-coming market of domestic safes. From the outset its safes included an electronic locking system and the R+D+i department worked on improving the technological sophistication of the safes which soon began to sell to the commercial sector, in particular to the hotel industry.

In the nineties, this Aragonese company began its territorial expansion and what started off as a small family business has become, fifty years later, a company that sells worldwide and has branches in Mexico and China. The research laboratory’s incorporation of digital electronic locking systems for safes has turned the company into one of the most innovative and dynamic manufacturers at international scale.

- Suplemento de BTV.