Insonorizantes Pelzer S.A., over 30 years of environmental commitment in Zaragoza

Insonorizantes Pelzer S.A., over 30 years of environmental commitment in Zaragoza

From its base on the Malpica Industrial Estate, Pelzer Zaragoza has sparked the growth of the Pelzer Group in Spain and America.

Group  Part of the Insonorizantes Pelzer staff at the company's base on the Malpica Industrial Estate in Zaragoza.
Group Part of the Insonorizantes Pelzer staff at the company's base on the Malpica Industrial Estate in Zaragoza.

Insonorizantes Pelzer (part of the Adler-Pelzer Group), based at the Malpica Industrial Estate in Zaragoza since 1982, produces vehicle coatings, sound insulation systems and and heavy acoustic tiles in sheet or moulded form.

Since its creation, Insonorizantes Pelzer has successfully developed its business in the industrial market, growing as a company thanks to support from its customers (Opel Spain, BSH-Balay, Ford, VW and Seat), its suppliers and also its staff, who give the firm its greatest competitive edge. In the words of the company managers, “We aim to preserve these three mainstays, to guarantee the development of our company’s vocation”.

Pelzer Zaragoza is behind the growth of the Pelzer Group in Spain – with factories now also in Valencia and Navarra – and also in America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and the U.S.). "Our vision has guided our strategy towards continuous improvement, quality and minimising the environmental impact of our business, obtaining the highest possible returns from the available resources", they affirm.

This automotive supply industry company first obtained ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system in 1997. Later, in 1999, it became the first Pelzer Group company to receive certification for its environmental management system, in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. A year earlier, the company was a runner-up for the Aragon EFQM excellence award and in 2001 it won the European SAFE 2001 award for prevention management. Also, in 2010, it took part in the EA-2 environmental excellence project for companies.

"The policies developing our vision have enabled us to grow in the marketplace and offer customers the service and products they need, under the conditions specified", they tell us.

The firm's geographical location is currently "a major competitive advantage" that has helped the group optimise its customer relations, thanks to the minimal environmental impact produced by the transport service required.

The latest project developed, in line with the company’s environmental policy, is geared to optimising the use of available resources by taking advantage of the textile cuttings generated during some of its production processes. In the words of the managers of the Pelzer Group’s Zaragoza company, this "enables us to reach the required competitiveness levels to maintain our current customer relations".

After a special treatment, these cuttings can be used to manufacture other products. Basically, "the cuttings generated are defibred to obtain a material that can substitute other products we currently have to purchase and transport".

There is no sacrifice in quality of the products manufactured in this way, as company experts stress that "the characteristics of these fibres improve the quality of the final product".

The challenge of the project was to find the right technology that could be adapted and optimised to suit the group’s particular requirements for recycling these materials. "To do this, we received collaboration from the CDTI and co-financing from the 'EEA Grants' programme". The project has been developed by the company over the last two years, with positive results. The challenge now consists of being able to develop a technology that can be used by the Group’s other factories.

"We’re taking this opportunity to ask for support from the local authorities, so that companies of all kinds will have access not only to the most efficient and competitive organisational methods but also to innovation management, generation of good ideas and the practical implementation of these ideas, which will improve the productivity of local industry", the managers tell us.

Environmental excellence award winners

Insonorizantes Pelzer works daily to uphold its sustainability commitment, endeavouring to maximise the returns from natural resources and gearing its innovation capacity to the use of cleaner, more rational technologies.

Since 1999, the company has been involved in environmental programmes within the framework of the ISO 14001 Standard, having reinforced this goal since 2010, when it achieved two stars in the 'Aragon Enterprises for Environmental Excellence' project.